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Schedules for 2024 - 2025 Coming in mid-July 2024

Scroll further down for "Vacations & Holidays" observed at Dancin!

Dancin schedule M T W 2024.jpg
Dancin schedule T F S 2024.jpg

Classical Ballet Level Codes & Colors:

Level 1: KOALA Kombo Kids (3-4 years in Pink Leotard , Tuesday & Saturday)

Level 2: KANGAROO Kombo Kids (5 - 6 years in Light Blue Leotard,  Wenesday &Saturday)

Level 3: KOOKABURRA Kombo Kids (7 - 8 years in Lavender Leotard,  Friday & Saturday)

Level 2/3: PEARL (5 - 7 years in White Leotard, Friday at 3:45pm )

Level 4: TURQUOISE (7 + years in Teal Leotard, Thursday at 4:45pm) 

Level 5: TOPAZ/TEAL  in Blue Leotard, Weekdays

Level 6: AMETHYST in Purple Leotard, Weekdays

Level 7: RUBY  in Red Leotard, Weekdays

Levels 8 & 9: SAPPHIRE in Royal & Navy Blue Leotards, Weekdays

Level 10: DIAMOND in Black Leotard, Weekdays & Saturday

HOLIDAYS & VACATION DAYS Observed at Dancin! 2024 - 2025

September 2nd: Labor Day

NO FALL Break for Dancin! Classes in October (See November)

November 25th - 30th: Late FALL Break & Thanksgiving Break. (Some SIAMSA Performers will be called in)

December 20th - January 5th: Christmas/Winter Break

March 24th - March 30th: Spring Break (One week only)

May 26th: Memorial day

June 15th: Summer Break begins.



2024 - 2025

August 19th: Classes begin for the 2024 - 2025 season

Sept 2nd: Labor Day Holiday, Dancin! Closed

Sept TBD: "Spaghetti Bingo Bash" Fundraiser for our Shamrock Productions "SIAMSA" A Celtic Christmas Dec 5th at GSR

Sept 9th: SIAMSA Dancer & Vocalist Placements in studio

Oct 7th - 12th: Dancin! Classes IN SESSION - See November  Late Fall Break (see November)

Sept 16th - Dec 2nd: SIAMSA Monday Rehearsals for ALL participants

Oct 25th: Nevada Day - Dancin! Regular CLASSES IN SCHEDULE

Nov 25th - 30th: Dancin!'s FALL Break - No regular classes

Dec 4th & 6th: SIAMSA at GSR (Important Day Rehearsals on 4th & 2 Shows on Dec 5th )

Dec 13th - 19th: Dancin! Festive Season Performance Class Parties in our studio. Secret Santa gift exchanges too. Parents welcome _ Of Course!!!

Dec 20th - Jan 5th: Dancin! Closed for Winter Break

Jan 6th, 2023: Dancin! Winter Session begins

Mar 17th - 22nd: Dancin! Classes IN SESSION ( See Next week for Spring Break!)

Mar  24th - Mar 30th: Spring Break at Dancin! Observed

May 26th: Memorial Day Observed

June 9th - 14th: Recital Week - Exact date to be determined.

(Above dates subject to change)





2022-2023 Class Schedules

Call or text for a Hard Copy of the Fall schedule to be sent to your home/business address.

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