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Dancin! NEWS March 2020


Here at Dancin! we want you to know that we take your health and safety seriously with the spread of the Flu Virus including the Coronavirus. We are continuing to monitor this through the official sites of the CDC and the WHO. We are also taking immediate precautions for the sake of our staff, dancers and all family attendees by putting safeguards, guidelines, and proactive preventative measures and supplies in place as follows:

  • There are several new cleaning products in each of our studios, foyer, waiting areas, multi-purpose rooms, shoe storage area and bathrooms specific to sanitizing against these viruses.
  • We are cleaning all work surfaces OFTEN and our staff is being trained and guided in the use of such. (We have an uncluttered, newly constructed facility that allows for frequent cleaning).
  • Our staff has been instructed to use hand sanitizer and wash their hands often and these products will be available at Dancin!
  • We have latex and non-latex gloves to be used when needed.
  • Any Dancin! staff member that has flu symptoms will not have contact with students and families at the studio.

Covid-19 is associated with such symptoms as fever, cough, and shortness of breath.  Frequent health and hygiene practices are the best defense against the spread of most contagious illnesses. 

Some helpful tips for every participant:

0  Please take precaution - if you are not feeling well, with a cold and especially with a temperature - please stay home and rest.

  • Wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20-30 seconds. Wash your hands before all meals, each class and after using the restroom.
  • Do not share food or drink.
  • Keep a “social distance” of 3 feet between yourself and others as much as possible.
  • Cover your mouth when you cough or sneeze with your arm or a tissue, not your hand.  Toss the soiled tissue and wash your hands thoroughly.
  • Frequently touched surfaces or objects should be cleaned and disinfected with an appropriate virus-killing product, such as spray with chlorinated tablets, sanitizing wipes, etc.  We suggest you wipe down phones, barres, props, etc.

And lastly, one of the biggest pieces of advice from the CDC and WHO regarding preventative measures is the following: Train yourself to stop touching your face all the time. It’s really hard, but along with regularly washing your hands, it’s “the one behavior that would be better than any vaccine ever created,” one doctor told the Washington Post. “Just stop this simple behavior. Stop picking, licking, biting, rubbing — it’s the most effective way to prevent a pandemic.” And not just with coronavirus — it’s also a proactive move in FLU season in general. 

The Dancin! team is committed to providing a healthy effort to prevent the spread of illness and we want to reassure you that we will do all we can to provide a safe environment for all involved. Thank you, everyone, for doing your part.  Please know that we will continue to monitor the situation at hand and keep you abreast of any new developments that could be a detriment to your health and safety. 


Amanda Coulson, Director & Owner, Dancin! Performing Arts Center


SPRING BREAK at Dancin! is March 22nd - 29th (Classes resume March 30th)
Our Irish Dancers in "Shamrock Irish Dance Company" are performing several St Patrick's Shows on
March 14th, 17th and 30th.

Eg: Koala Kids on Tuesday Mornings, Butterfly Babes Toddler Dance on Wednesday afternoon at 3.20pm, Musical Theater Combo Classes for Kids 5 - 9yrs and PreTeens 10 - 12yrs, Kids Hip Hop Weekdays, Dynamic Dance for Competition, Vocal Group Classes, Music: Piano, Guitar, Violin,
Adult Ballet on Monday eves, Social ballroom on Fridays and more! Go to Schedules for updates!

Just a short walk from Caughlin Ranch Elementary School
Our new facility is considerably larger than our previous studio to facilitate our growing needs. We now have Three Studios, a larger Foyer, Front desk and Office, Student lounges/Multi-purpose rooms,
Parent 'Stress Free Environment' lounge, Storage for Performance Co. Costumes, Washer & Drier,
Two ADA Bathrooms,  Kitchenette and Lockers for our Dancers' valuables.
PLUS: Unlimited parking in a Vibrant, Up-Scale Shopping Center, Next to Raleys
and close to  Pitts Orthodontics.
4786 Caughlin Pkwy, Ste 301.  Reno NV 89519
(Between Raleys and Lanna Thai Restaurant)

 Please click on "Schedules"  for your class times. (More classes are being added) Contact Amanda for assistance.
AND... Thank you for your dedication and your patience... These are your children's studios and yes..
This is  an Experience! An Amazing Journey!!! Let's Enjoy every minute!
Thank you for your loyalty, strength and support! ....Ms Mandy (Amanda)
775 - 825 3687 or Text 775-745 0820