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Class Attire - Dress Code - Tips for Parents

for 2022

We are very happy to be introducing a new dancewear line from our Retail Store... "Dancin! Togs"

High quality - low expense

It has always been important to have the correct sizing available and a variety of styles in Dance shoes and Dance Attire with professional fittings for each dancer, no matter the age or level.

Now "Dancin! Togs" provides this well needed service.

We are also introducing the class attire for each class. Please see the photographs for your child's attire.

All Attire now Available at "Dancin! Togs" Retail Store in Dancin! Performing Arts Center

KOALA KIDS (Tues. & Sat. Kombo: Intro to Ballet-Irish-Vocal-Tap)

Boys wear leggings or shorts & T-Shirt

Girls Class Attire:

Pink Leotard with adjustable straps

Pink Convertible Tights

Pink Fine Dance Socks (Summer)

Pink Dance Skirt at correct length

Pink Canvas Ballets (Washable)

Black Easy On Tap Shoes with Velcro or elastic ties.

Quokka Kids (Saturday Ballet & Tumbling)- Currently on hold.

AND Kangaroo Kids (Sat. Kombo: Primary Ballet-Level 1 Tap- Beg.Irish)

Blue Leotard with adjustable straps

Blue Skirt at correct length

Blue Headband

Pink Convertible Tights

Pink Washable Canvas Ballets

Black Dance shorts for Tumbling

Black Tap shoes - if child joins the Kangaroo Kids 30 min.Tap (after Quokkas)

Kookaburra Kids (Sat. Kombo: Grade 1 Ballet-Level 2 Tap-Beg. Irish))

AND Kids Beg. Basic Ballet (Friday 5pm Class)

Lavender Leotard with adjustable straps

Lavender Skirt at correct length

Lavender Headband

Pink Convertible tights

Pink fine socks (Summer)

Pink Canvas Washable ballets

Black Slip On Tap Shoes (Kookaburra Kids)

Grade 2 Ballet (Wednesday 4pm) AND Level 2-3 Tap (Friday 4pm)

Mulberry Leotard with adjustable straps

Mulberry Headband

Pink Convertible Tights

Pink fine Socks (Summer)

Pink Canvas Washable Ballets

Black Slip-on Tap Shoes


Black Tap Shoes with Elastic Ties

Ballet Grade 4 (Wednesday 4pm) and Tap Level 3 & 4 (Tuesday 3:45pm)

Navy or Black Leotard

Pink Convertible Tights

Teal Head Band

Pink Ballets: Leather or Canvas

Black Character Shoes (not shown)

Ballet Grade 4 (Wednesday 4pm in Studio A)

Attire as above, Add Yellow Head Band and Demi-Pointes

Grade 5 Ballet (Wednesday 4pm in Studio B)

Attire As above with Black Leotard and White Head band

Add Pointe Shoes

Jazz, Mus. Theater, Contemporary Lyrical, Tumbling, Hip Hop

and Tap Levels 3, 4 and up.

Black Leotard

Black Dance Shorts

Tan convertible tights

Tan Jazz Shoes

Tan Lyrical Shoes

Tappers add Black Tap shoes

Hip Hop Dancers: wear dance sneakers etc, but not the same shoes that are worn outside.


Attire as above...Add Irish black ghillies with elastic and Irish hard-shoes or solid Tap shoes. Popcorn Socks for the Beg. Levels through Level 6 (Wee and Juniors) (Shoes & Socks not displayed).

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